Things I learned in 19 years

Things I learned in 19 years

At the age of 19 you realise that there are things that you wish you knew earlier whether someone told them to you earlier or you realised them yourself earlier. That’s why I’ve put together a list of things I’ve learned and wish I knew a few years back.

I am far from perfect, I make mistakes like everyone else and this is just a collection of some of my thoughts that I try to live by. Most of these things may seem obvious, but sometimes in the rush of everyday life we forget these things.
Please let me know if you found this useful or enjoyed reading it, as there is nothing more rewarding than hearing what you guys think!

  1. You are the most important. No matter what the situation is you should always put yourself first because if you don’t no one else will.
  2. Sometimes harder decisions are the ones that are better for you long term. Ending a toxic friendship or relationship may seem difficult but in the long term it’s for the best as you will have an opportunity to meet new people who deserve your attention and time.
  3. If someone wants to be in your life, they will be. No one’s ever too busy to text or see you, it all depends where you are on their priority list. Don’t force friendships or relationships. If you are the only one trying then you deserve better than that.
  4. When being in a relationship, don’t settle for anything than the best. Your partner shouldn’t ever bring you down or try to cut your wings, with the right person you should feel like you can do more. They should believe in you more than you believe in yourself, help you see potential in yourself that you don’t and motivate you if you feel like giving up on your dreams. Furthermore it’s much better to wait for someone that you can build a future with rather than just being with someone for the sake of being in a relationship.
  5. Cut yourself from negativity in your life. A positive mind set is the first step to success and happiness, if you start doing something thinking that you can’t do it or it’s too difficult; most likely you don’t succeed. Being surrounded by people who constantly complain or criticise you will stop you from developing as a person and most likely make you think at some point ‘yes they’re right this and that sucks’.
  6. It’s okay to have worse days where you don’t even want to leave your bed, just because you take a few days ‘out’ to recharge your batteries and rethink things doesn’t mean that you’re not going anywhere.
  7. Empower don’t hate. There is so much hate in the world, and people try to bring each other down all the time; which is why empowering each other is so important. Instead of being jealous of someone else’s success get inspired from it because if they could do it why can’t you? Successful people don’t have any superpowers and they’re not any different to you and me, they only have the determination and right mindset in which they don’t see failing as an option, so next time you see someone sharing their success whether in real life or online congratulate them and be happy for them which will not only make them feel appreciated but it will make you feel better about yourself as well. 
  8. Self – care is so important, take care of your mind and body. When you’re upset over something don’t pretend that you’re not, take some time to be sad as pretending that nothing’s wrong will only make you feel worse. Try to find time everyday to do something for yourself, whether is it sitting down with a cup of coffee, having a long bath or listening to your favourite album. When you’re going through a worse time it’s easy to release your stress on alcohol or cigarettes but long term that will only make you feel worse, so try to find other ways to let your stress out for e.g by running or cooking as both of these actions take your mind off things.
  9. Just because you’re not where you want to be yet in life, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your life as it is now. Appreciating what you have is really important, as it can make you realise what a long way you’ve came in life.
  10. It’s really important to dream big and work hard but it’s even more important to enjoy the small and simple everyday things in life.
  11. Don’t beat yourself over failures,when you don’t succeed try to analyse what you could of done differently but don’t beat yourself over it as maybe there’s a better opportunity waiting for you.
  12. Live your life according to your own rules, people will try to tell you that you should do this or shouldn’t do that but at the end of the day it’s your life and you need to be happy with the choices you make. This can be applied to anything from getting the tattoo that you really want to choosing the career that will make you happy even if not everyone approves of it.
  13. Money is amazing to have, it gives you security, independence and opportunities but at the end of the day it shouldn’t be the source of your happiness.

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  1. August 9, 2016 / 2:08 am

    I adore your strength and I am very sure that by keeping up the direction you are going, things will not only get better, you will achieve the best which is yet to come.

    We are young, just make sure you keep smiling and do, eat and think things that make you smile! Enjoy!!

    • August 9, 2016 / 2:40 am

      Thank you so much for your comment! Comments like this make me want to write more and keep going 🙂