How to look great on a budget?

Whenever someone says that you need to be rich to be dressed well it makes me want to laugh as that statement can’t be more wrong! There are lots of ways which I’m going to talk about today which can make you have an amazing wardrobe without breaking your account.

  • The first one is pretty obvious but it’s still worth mentioning; sales! Especially online sales when there’s sometimes extra 10 or 15 % off. At the time of summer sales my favourite place to shop is Zara as they literally discount the whole stock and some of the products are over half price, if you missed out on the summer sales there’s nothing to worry about as black Friday is only 3 months away.
  • If you haven’t heard of Vinted then you’re missing out! You see that dress that you’ve only worn once to a party or those shoes that turned out too small but you forgot to return them? Well you could sell those things or swap them with someone! So what are you waiting for? Get the app and start selling and swapping but don’t blame me if you get addicted to it, also the best bit is men are also welcome to use it!
  • If you’re a student or know someone who is, always look out for student discount as sometimes shops do as much as 30% off but they’re usually just limited time only so not to miss any discounts make sure to get the UniDays app! Nevertheless if you’re not a student and you don’t know anyone who is sometimes it’s worth putting your items into the basket and going through to the point where you type your e-mail in and sometimes they send you a 10% off to encourage you to buy these items. You’re welcome.
  • Make sure to sign up to vouchercodes as they offer discount codes to many places like Lipsy, Miss Selfridge, Boohoo, Very and many more popular brands!
  • Magazines such as Grazia sometimes offer special discounts for high street brands like River Island for example.
  • Every season there’s going to be new trends but there’s no point just blindly getting everything, always check what you will wear that item with before buying it. Especially if it’s a more expensive buy like shoes or a jacket, make sure that it will go with many things before deciding to buy it.
  • DIY – this can take a bit more effort but before you want to throw something out make sure if there isn’t any way in which you could recycle that item for example if you have an old pair of jeans you can always make a pair of shorts from them or do some cut outs in your old t-shirt, not only you will save money but it will also give you a feeling of satisfaction!
  • Sometimes you don’t need to buy a whole new outfit; sometimes buying some new accessorises is enough to give you that new outfit feeling for example a fedora hat, a bandanna used as a scarf or a statement necklace.
  • It’s also always worth having a look in your local Tkmaxx as sometimes they stock designer things much much cheaper than the rrp price of them.

I hope that you enjoyed reading it and that the advice is helpful; if you have any of your own tricks of how to look great on a budget feel free to share them in the comment section!

Missguided Dress x Velvet Choker

I was never a fan of chokers before; but I’m totally into the velvet choker look as they look much more sophisticated than ordinary plastic ones that were in fashion a few years back and that you could see everyone wearing with everything which is a mistake as they don’t go with everything as they are quite a strong accessory they should be only worn with toned down outfits, in this case the choker definitely completes the outfit and without it it would be too plain and ordinary. I chose to go more elegant with this outfit but it could be easily be changed into more of an sporty look by adding a cap and swapping the lace up shoes for some trainers, which I’m going too show you how to do in the next outfit post!


(choker – asos t-shirt – topshop dress – missguided shoes – river island)

Results day: what if you didn’t get what you wanted?

Two years ago today I would probably describe that day as the worst day of my life; let’s say that I was devastated. I failed two out of three of my subjects and I really felt like it’s the end of the world but it really isn’t and that’s the message I want to get across to everyone today who didn’t do as well as they thought they will or didn’t get to uni. Not getting the results you’ve wanted is not the end of the world, if I turned my situation around anyone can, there are so many ways that you can take in life to get where you want to be without going to uni; there is no rule that someone who went to uni will be successful and someone who didn’t won’t be, it all depends on us and how much work are we willing to put into our success. You can always try again, or take a different way as maybe exams are not for you and believe me there are many ways you can take from apprenticeships, internships or starting your own business. I can honestly say that I am happy that things happened the way they did, as on my media course I’ve explored media in depth and in ways that I wouldn’t on a a level course and also I’ve met some amazing people that I wouldn’t of met otherwise, sometimes things don’t work out so better things can happen.

Men’s Fashion Guide

My main target audience are women but as I am aware that I also have male readers and this is something for you! This is a post for everyone whether you are a hardcore fashion enthusiast or just wear whatever you find clean. The outfits that I will show in this post I’ve chosen for a few reasons; they’re on trend but they’re not too wild so they suit most peoples liking and they’re made of quite basic things that you should already own and if you don’t own a plain t shirt and a cool jacket then you definitely need to continue reading this to find out where you can buy some.

So you’ve made your first step towards being a fashion guru by reading this post! You’re probably wondering what now? Don’t worry I’ll take you step by step on what you need to do! First of all your wardrobe needs a revamp! Chuck away all those t-shirts that are way too small for you, or anything that you don’t see yourself wearing anymore, this way it’s going to be easier to see what your wardrobe is lacking. Now where to look for inspiration? Here are a few blogs that might come handy when looking for some inspiration:

And my personal favourite has a section where it creates your wardrobe for you based on your picks,how great is that?

When you’ve decided what you need to get head over to asos as it’s the ultimate fashion destination as you can find hundreds of brands at good prices on there. Or you can always have a look at zalando,zara or burton.

The jacket (whether it’s denim, leather or a bomber one it doesn’t matter), hoodie/sweater, jeans and trainers combo are a great everyday alternative furthermore it’s a great basis for all sorts of outfits as you can swap the hoodie for an shirt and there you have an much more elegant outfit. Don’t forget though that a good perfume is an important as a good outfit!

imaged351bd857943bf0a65c8886a01383b84cd455a92f3a540a71cd9c95fcb873b35bomber-jacket-crew-neck-t-shirt-chinos-low-top-sneakers-belt-original-3779black-bomber-jacket-black-hoodie-grey-jeans-large-18373173137ac531d47208c93b51419755e5e10201020 (1)

If there’s a positive response to this post I might do more mens fashion posts ps if you enjoy reading my blog you can give my blog fanpage on facebook a like to always be up to date with my posts, the link didn’t work before but now it’s all fixed!

White jeans & denim jacket

When it comes to styling a denim jacket; stripes are definitely your best friend! You can’t go wrong with white jeans, stripey top and a denim jacket and some trainers, it’s definitely my favourite everyday outfit for weather like this when one minute it’s sunny and the next minute cloudy. But won’t worry if this outfit is not really your thing, I have some more outfits including a denim jacket planned as I love this jacket and it honestly goes with a lot of things.


(denim jacket – Levis top – New Look jeans – Vila shoes – Converse jewellery – Pandora)