Casual outfit: Topshop Top and Asos Jeans

After the last three outfits being more elegant I wanted to show you guys something more everyday and causal that I would normally wear when I’m off shopping or to see my friends! One of the reasons why fashion is amazing is because we can express ourselves through it and most of the time I choose my outfits according to my mood but let’s be honest however much I love playing around with styling heels and skirts, they’re not suitable to wear everyday.. well unless you’re Kate Middelton who only ever wears skirts and heels. Furthermore these Firetrap boots are perfect for everyday as they’re comfy and give you that few extra inches which is important when you’re short like me!

Spoiler: these jeans will appear again in the next post in one of three outfit propositions, make sure to subscribe not to miss it!


(top – topshop jeansasos boots – firetrap)

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