Autumn/Winter Trends 2016-17

Autumn/Winter Trends 2016-17

As we very slowly approach autumn however much we don’t want to think about it and the last summer sales finish, I think it’s the right time to take a look at the autumn winter’16 trends and see what we can expect to see in stores and on the streets soon.

I looked through a lot of magazines to pick out the hottest trends for AW16 straight from the runaway. Although what we see on the runaway is more to take inspiration from than actually to wear, as designers try to make a statement using their collections and if for example bows are in fashion they might do a dress made from a bow and we as fashion lovers are supposed to take inspiration from it not actually wear the same thing. There is no point blindly following fashion as you should feel comfortable in what you wear and more importantly you should feel yourself and not as if you’re dressing up as someone else, as your style should be part of who you are. I like to be aware of what is ‘in’ every season so I can add or take bits away for my autumn winter wardrobe although there are certain things I won’t give up on whether they’re in or not. My ultimate favourite autumn outfit must be leather jacket, black jumper, boyfriend jeans and biker boots combo; it’s a classic that will probably never go out of fashion and if I want to add that rock chick look to it I wear red lipstick as well.

Last year we were bombarded with khaki, burgundy and navy while these colours will probably always be ‘in’ during autumn winter times this year it’s all about velvet’s in all colours and on everything from shoes, bags to dresses. Hello is this the 90’s calling? When watching ‘friends’ we can definitely tell where the designers got their inspiration from, yes Phoebe rocking that velvet dress! We can also expect over the knee boots making a come back again which makes me very happy as I have a black pair which I love as they’re really easy to style up with a dress, fur jacket and a clutch bag or casually with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket, in fact I love them so much that I’m considering getting a grey pair as well which of course would mean I would get a grey suede handbag which is a match made in heaven. If crazy outfits are not your thing then not to worry as statement bags are in which could turn your ordinary outfit to a straight from a magazine cover outfit, my personal favourite is this super cool bag from Zara (bottom picture). I think it’s perfect as it makes the statement without going over top.


If you have any questions or would like some fashion advice feel free to drop me a message through the contact section!


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