Men’s Fashion Guide

My main target audience are women but as I am aware that I also have male readers who take an interest in fashion so this is something for you! This is a post for everyone whether you are a hardcore fashion enthusiast or just wear whatever you find clean. The outfits that I will show in this post I’ve chosen for a few reasons; they’re on trend but they’re not too wild so they suit most people’s liking and they’re made of quite basic things that you should already own and if you don’t own a plain t-shirt and a cool jacket then you definitely need to continue reading this to find out where you can buy some.

You’ve just made your first step towards being a fashion guru by reading this post, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re probably wondering what now? Don’t worry I’ll take you step by step on what you need to do. First of all your wardrobe needs a revamp! Chuck away all those t-shirts that are way too small for you, or anything that you don’t see yourself wearing anymore, this way it’s going to be easier to see what your wardrobe is lacking. Now where to look for inspiration? Here are a few blogs that might come handy when looking for some inspiration:

And my personal favourite has a section where it creates your wardrobe for you based on your picks,how great is that?

When you’ve decided what you need to get head over to asos as it’s the ultimate fashion destination as you can find hundreds of brands at good prices on there. Or you can always have a look at zalando,zara or burton.

The jacket (whether it’s denim, leather or a bomber one it doesn’t matter), hoodie/sweater, jeans and trainers combo are a great everyday alternative furthermore it’s a great basis for all sorts of outfits as you can swap the hoodie for a shirt and there you have a much more elegant outfit. Don’t forget though that a good perfume is as important as a good outfit!

imaged351bd857943bf0a65c8886a01383b84cd455a92f3a540a71cd9c95fcb873b35bomber-jacket-crew-neck-t-shirt-chinos-low-top-sneakers-belt-original-3779black-bomber-jacket-black-hoodie-grey-jeans-large-18373173137ac531d47208c93b51419755e5e10201020 (1)

If there’s a positive response to this post I might do more mens fashion posts ps if you enjoy reading my blog you can give my blog fanpage on facebook a like to always be up to date with my posts, the link didn’t work before but now it’s all fixed!


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  1. Botty
    August 17, 2016 / 6:06 pm

    Good post and much needed for a guy like myself. Can’t wait for my new clothes to arrive so I can look like David Beckham & Alex Turner.

    • August 17, 2016 / 7:01 pm

      You should use some of my advice! And I’m guessing sarcasm intended? 😉