How to look great on a budget?

How to look great on a budget?

Whenever someone says that you need to be rich to be dressed well it makes me want to laugh as that statement can’t be more wrong! There are lots of ways which I’m going to talk about today which can make you have an amazing wardrobe without breaking your account.

  • The first one is pretty obvious but it’s still worth mentioning; sales! Especially online sales when there’s sometimes extra 10 or 15 % off. At the time of summer sales my favourite place to shop is Zara as they literally discount the whole stock and some of the products are over half price, if you missed out on the summer sales there’s nothing to worry about as black Friday is only 3 months away.
  • If you haven’t heard of Vinted then you’re missing out! You see that dress that you’ve only worn once to a party or those shoes that turned out too small but you forgot to return them? Well you could sell those things or swap them with someone! So what are you waiting for? Get the app and start selling and swapping but don’t blame me if you get addicted to it, also the best bit is men are also welcome to use it!
  • If you’re a student or know someone who is, always look out for student discount as sometimes shops do as much as 30% off but they’re usually just limited time only so not to miss any discounts make sure to get the UniDays app! Nevertheless if you’re not a student and you don’t know anyone who is sometimes it’s worth putting your items into the basket and going through to the point where you type your e-mail in and sometimes they send you a 10% off to encourage you to buy these items. You’re welcome.
  • Make sure to sign up to vouchercodes as they offer discount codes to many places like Lipsy, Miss Selfridge, Boohoo, Very and many more popular brands!
  • Magazines such as Grazia sometimes offer special discounts for high street brands like River Island for example.
  • Every season there’s going to be new trends but there’s no point just blindly getting everything, always check what you will wear that item with before buying it. Especially if it’s a more expensive buy like shoes or a jacket, make sure that it will go with many things before deciding to buy it.
  • DIY – this can take a bit more effort but before you want to throw something out make sure if there isn’t any way in which you could recycle that item for example if you have an old pair of jeans you can always make a pair of shorts from them or do some cut outs in your old t-shirt, not only you will save money but it will also give you a feeling of satisfaction!
  • Sometimes you don’t need to buy a whole new outfit; sometimes buying some new accessorises is enough to give you that new outfit feeling for example a fedora hat, a bandanna used as a scarf or a statement necklace.
  • It’s also always worth having a look in your local Tkmaxx as sometimes they stock designer things much much cheaper than the rrp price of them.

I hope that you enjoyed reading it and that the advice is helpful; if you have any of your own tricks of how to look great on a budget feel free to share them in the comment section!


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