Zara Outfit

Zara is probably my favourite high-street brand; hence why every time I go there I leave with a new purchase. Personally I think that it’s the most on trend shop out there, with good prices and what I also like is that they change their collections often so there isn’t a high chance of someone wearing the same thing as there is only a small amount of stock of each product. My last purchase was probably this red body which was a bargain found on the summer sales and it can be styled like today with a white tennis skirt, denim jacket and some white trainers or with a black skirt, black trainers and a black leather jacket. Today I went for the first option as it’s more summery and I feel like this might be the last summery outfit that I will have the opportunity to show before I have to swap for chunky jumpers and boots which I’m not to going to lie I’m excited for as I have lots of great autumn outfit ideas but nevertheless by November I’ll probably wish it was summer again.


(body – Zara skirt – Zara jacket – Levis shoes – Adidas)

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