Why is NYX Cosmetics the new ‘it’ brand!


NYX Cosmetics is every make up obsessed girls dream – high end quality at affordable prices. Even though NYX was founded in 1999 (yep!) by Toni Ko who’s goal was to make a great quality product for everyone to afford; only recently everyone went crazy about NYX as few years back I doubt many people heard about the brand but right now NYX is going like storm with astonishing nearly 9 million followers on Instagram, new product launches often and NYX being available in most Boots shops in the UK now (finally)!

The first product by NYX that I tried was the Soft Matte Lip Cream; I was on a hunt for a liquid lipstick and I stumbled across the soft matte range on Feelunique, and the price of just £5.50 convinced me to try it. When I did try it I was impressed that the formula didn’t make my lips feel dry at all which was my worry about liquid lipsticks; on the downside to keep your lips looking good it needs to be reapplied every 1-2 hours hence why I used it up within two months nevertheless for that price it’s still good quality.

The next thing that I purchased was the gel liner as I always wanted to compare it to a pen liner and to be honest it’s probably my least favourite product out of all of them and my number one eyeliner is still the L’oreal Superliner which makes doing my wing eye super quick and easy.


The eye shadow base which I purchased when I got more into make-up and realised that primer/base is a very important part of the make-up as it will help it last longer and honestly it’s the best. I don’t use any high-end eye shadows so the formula isn’t the best and they’re not very pigmented but nevertheless with this base they stay on all day without smudging or creasing; it’s definitely one of those products that I will be re buying when it’s finished.


Next up is my favourite liquid lipstick; NYX Lingerie in Push Up is the most perfect nude shade ever that I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of and I’m trying to get my hands on the rest of the Lingerie collection as I personally found the formula of it even better than Soft Matte and it definitely stays on longer but Soft Matte has the advantage of being part of a wider range of shades to choose from.

The last few products I’ve brought on my lunch break (oops) in the newly opened Boots concession next to me. The product I was most curious to try was the Tame and Frame brow pomade to see how it compares to the Anastasia Beverly Hills one which I currently use and to be honest I would say it’s a great dupe for it if you don’t want to spend £15; the ABH dipbrow pomade in medium brown is the exact same shade as the NYX expresso one as when I used one on one side and one on the other you wouldn’t tell the difference between them. The only downside of the NYX one is that you need to use more product to get the same effect as you would with ABH when using less product. I started the testing the finishing powder by dropping it.. twice! So when I finally got round using it, I was a bit disappointed with this product as I don’t think it made any difference to the final look of my make up and the same goes to the matte blotting paper. They’re very thin so you have to use lots compared to some other ones I’ve used from a different brand which were thicker and one or two were enough.



This is only a very small part of the NYX Cosmetics range but if you’ve never tried any of their products I hope it helps you decide whether you want to try some products to summarise it’s a bit of a hit and miss with the products as some are better than others but now you know which ones are worth buying according to me!

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