Let’s talk: Acne and self-love

I’ve ‘suffered’ with acne ever since I remember and I’ve put suffered in quote marks because I feel bad for using it in this context as I know that there are people seriously suffering in the world but nevertheless I’ve experienced it first hand and I know how much impact it can have on your life and most of all on your confidence, and I wanna share with you guys my story of it to help people suffering realise that most people experienced it at some point in their lives and that it does get really better even when you don’t feel like it will.

It started when I hit puberty at the age of 13;sounds so cliche I know but at the time everyone was going through the same thing so it seemed normal to me and I didn’t make much of it plus when you’re 13 you’re not really self-concious about your looks yet it only hits you when people start pointing it out to you and you realise that it’s not the norm and it’s not considered as attractive. A few years later when everyone else’s skin was clearing up and glowy except for mine it started bothering me and I started feeling really self-concious about myself and I started being jealous about every girl that I came across with with clear skin which looking back at it now seems so silly since I can gurantee that every girl and even every person is self-consious about something in their looks that they would gladly change for with someone else.

I have tried probably all products that state to help acne, I tried eating healthy, not eating chocolate or sweets at all as some people say that it causes acne,had face treatments, saw doctors about it etc but nothing really helped to solve the problem long term and then comes the moment of desperation when you start thinking that it’ll never go away and you’ll always feel self-conscious about yourself but there’s nothing more wrong than thinking that as sometimes the problem can solve itself within few days. From my experience over all those years I found two major big factors that definitely had an effect on my skin and you’re probably not surprised to hear that those two are water and stress. We don’t really realise how important drinking 2 litres of water a day is and it’s not only to have perfect skin as it also increases energy and relives fatigue, flushes out toxins, boots immune system and many other benefits so what are you waiting for go and grab yourself a glass water! The other major factor is stress which is definitely much harder to avoid stress than to drink water as sometimes things happen in life which you can’t avoid which will cause you stress but if you can’t do anything about it then try not to stress about it, and yes I know it’s easier said than done. But try not to stress about trivial things in life like being late, dropping your phone or loosing things because most of them can be easily sorted and won’t matter in a week or two , so when something like that does happen just take a deep breath or listen to some music.

So for all acne suffers and everyone else feeling self conscious about themselves, I have one last piece of advice; love yourself! And I don’t mean it lightly literally love yourself, next time you look in the mirror be like ‘wow you look great today’ or write down a list of things that you like yourself. Because in this and age with everyone just showing just their altered, filtered, edited pictures it’s easy to start feeling low about yourself and start telling yourself that you’re not as good as other people.

Going Vegetarian

This is not going to be a guide or saying what is right or wrong but I thought that it would be a good idea to put together a post with answers for the most popular questions I get asked about going vegetarian. To summarise the last few months have been challenging but at the same time extremely rewarding.

Let’s start with the most common question, which is; why I went vegetarian. There isn’t a one simple complex answer to this question so if you do meet someone who’s vegetarian or even vegan don’t ask them why because I’m sure there isn’t only one reason behind it and it would take a long time to explain every one of them, but the general answer to that would be because we care about ourselves, about the planet and animals.

Next thing that I hear a lot is ‘so what do you eat now’ or ‘where do you get your proteins from’ and excuse me if I roll my eyes at this but the vegetarian diet consists of literally everything except for meat and poultry so asking that question makes you sound very closed minded if you can’t imagine any other food than meat. Honestly you don’t have to just eat lettuce everyday in fact I can’t remember the last time I had lettuce. Moving on surprise surprise chicken isn’t the only food that you can get your protein from for example edamame which contains an amazing 18g of protein in one cup, there’s also tofu, lentils, lima beans, peanuts or peanut butter, wild rice, chickpeas and the list goes on.

One of the myths is that you’re gonna have to give up all your favourite meals I mean pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, tacos, burgers, wraps all contain meat right? Wrong! You can still enjoy all of your favourite meals it just takes a bit more effort than before which is what it comes down to if you’re if you’re willing to put a little bit more effort into it and if you ever have a look at the veggie section in any supermarket there is lots of replacements for meat like Quorn or vegetable replacements. Another myth is that you’re going to spend much more money and it is much more expensive than a meat based diet.. Again not true! As vegetables are much cheaper than meat (and healthier), when going out for meals my meals are usually cheaper now and most importantly I’ve cut down on takeaways (McDonalds please make an edible veggie burger) ¬†and make things myself instead.

Personally it always felt like the right decision for me to do as I never really enjoyed meat or the thought of eating or harming animals but it took me nearly 20 years to have to guts to go for it and you’re probably wondering why. My main concern was ‘what will people think’, like any big decision in life you worry how it’s going to impact your life and I didn’t want to be the awkward one on family dinners or social events but honestly if you feel like it’s the right decision for you then just go for it because if your family and friends really care about you then they will support your decision sooner or later and also you live for yourself not for your parents, friends or partner so do whatever feels right for you and makes you happy. I don’t judge meat eaters as it’s everyones personal choice but I require the same back, nevertheless it does make me happy when my family or boyfriend have veggie meals with me as I feel like they support my decision.

People say that it’s pointless because it won’t it change anything anyway because it’s never gonna happen for everyone in the world to go vegetarian and I am aware of that but the less meat is brought the lower the demand will be and honestly I would be happy with that as it would mean less unharmed animals, less pollution and more crops left for humans to eat which would finally lower world hunger.

If you are thinking of going vegetarian and would like to ask me anything or just have a chat then feel free to drop me a message through the contact section. Or check out these links:

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