How to save money better?

How to save money better?

How to save money is the question that we ask ourselves a lot and the obvious answer is don’t spend money but what if spending money is inevitable like for example for grocery shopping? Then I’ve got a few tips for you that actually work as I’ve tested them out myself. There are a lot of apps out there that say that will help you save money but which ones are actually genuine?

So my favourite is probably Shopmium because they have unusual products which I wouldn’t spend my money on but using this app gives me an opportunity to try new products for free or for try little money, furthermore when you sign up and use this code C5W6B you will receive a free chocolate! And underneath I’ve inserted screenshots to prove that its genuine and you do receive your money back.



The second grocery shopping app is good as well as has much more offers for all sorts of places like Tesco,Asda,Waitrose,Morrisons etc and you can filter through them so for example if you’re going shopping to Tesco you can only see offers from Tesco which is defiantly an advantage over the other app where you have to individually check where each offer is eligible. Also another difference between those apps is that on Shopmium you get paid straight into your account whether here you need build up a certain amount on your account not to have to pay an transfer fee.



So this app I haven’t actually used yet but it works the same as the grocery shopping ones ¬†except this one you can use on most online shops and not only and then you receive a cashback when you do the purchase through their app! It all sounds pretty straight forward eh? All it takes is a bit of time and effort and you can save yourself some serious money as it doesn’t seem much at first but when it starts building up it will!


Most shops/food places have some sort of points system which collecting them probably can lead to many off/free things so it’s worth looking into them especially if you shop somewhere reguarly or if you are an O2 cutosmer there’s O2 priority app which offers money or or things for free to their customers!

Furthermore you can make some extra $$ buy selling things online and it doesn’t have to be eBay, as I personally don’t like selling on eBay. Look around your wardrobe to see if you have any old clothes to sell and if you do then download Vinted and start selling today. I know some people who’ve made hundreds of pounds on it so it all goes down to it if you want to make the time and effort to upload the items and then post them but if you do make sure to go through this link to recieve money to spend on Vinted!


Don’t forget to use my code C5W6B’ when downloading Shopmium!



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