Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Real vs Fake

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Real vs Fake

How to spot real vs fake Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow?

We all love a bargain, unfortunately sometimes we need to be careful when we find a bargain especially when it comes to high-end make-up. Cheap make-up can mean fake make-up! I have purchased this dipbrow pomade from a second hand website and although it was advertised as genuine and on the pictures it looked completely real, it wasn’t until I got it that I noticed that something was off.. for example the shade stated to be dark brown but it looked completely different to what I remember that it used to be in my previous one furthermore the logo on the lid started rubbing off.

Afterwards I have purchased another dipbrow from a website I knew would be 100% genuine and I will tell you the differences that I have found between them. Next time that you’re purchasing a beauty product that you’re not sure if it’s genuine or not, double-check online what to look out for to see if it’s real or fake.

On the original packaging the writing is bolder and bigger than on the fake.


This is where you can really tell the difference as the fake one is all smooth underneath whereas the real one has a gritted bottom and the labels are completely different.


Here you can see how much the shades differ even though they both should be ‘dark brown’. The texture of these was completely different too as the original dip brow pomade is waterproof and will stay on without smudging for the whole day whereas the fake one smudged really easily!


The logo on the top lid won’t ever rub off no matter how long you’ve had it for whereas the logo on the fake one rubbed off within a few days and it’s a slightly different shade as well.

I didn’t receive the fake one in a packaging (which should of rang alarm bells) but this is just to show you how the real packaging should look like.


If you’re planning to purchase a high end beauty product make sure to do it from a genuine site or if you’re not sure about the website then have a look on the internet first to see how a fake looks like as there’s probably plenty off pictures to compare other products as well. Believe me it’s better to pay a bit more and have the peace of mind that you’re using safe and genuine products than a fake which to be honest you can’t be ever sure what was used in it.

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  1. Hiusy
    February 28, 2019 / 2:10 am

    The first one you claim is fake is actually her original packaging. I should know I used to work for the brand.

    • simplybylola
      August 14, 2019 / 4:15 pm

      Thank you for your comment! The one that I said was fake, had a totally different formula to the original and the colour was purple-ish instead of brown like it was supposed to be, so the fact that it was fake wasn’t just based on the packaging 🙂