How to make this year the best one yet

How to make this year the best one yet

Same old story every year eh, you make plans to make this year different, to make this year count and to finally quit the job you hate? But then when it gets to mid January you forget about it all very quickly the same as you forgot about your diet. But it doesn’t have to be like that and the only person that’s stopping you For example let’s say you want to get fit, you will blame the lack of time to workout, the lack of money to pay for the gym or even the weather oh because it’s cold, when the reality is that the only thing stopping you is you as you can make time or cut down your spendings else where to pay for the gym.

Whatever your goal is, the first step is changing your mindset and telling yourself that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Then the second step is consistency in whatever you’re doing, let’s say that you want to start painting or doing anything creative then get in the zone. Shut yourself away from the world maybe even turn your phone off and dedicate and hour for doing that with the least distractions possible.

I felt that this was needed to say as we are midday way through January and everyone has probably forgot everything they promised themselves to stop or start doing, so this is a little reminder to not to give up because at the end of this year you’ll be glad that you didn’t and that’s what I keep telling myself everyday as I know more than any else how hard it is to motivate yourself into doing things. It’s really ironic how we feel good about our selves and satisfied when we learn something new or achieve something yet we need to force ourselves to do that.

Few rules you should go by this year:

  • Say yes more often. Even to things you wouldn’t normally agree to as they can lead to great things.
  • Don’t wait for opportunities, make them.
  • Kindness is free so be kind to strangers as I’m a strong believer that good karma comes back.
  • ¬†Spend money on travel instead of on things as memories are priceless.
  • Talk less and listen more.
  • Do detox days away from your phone, which under the same note be more present than online and you will notice how much more aware you will become with the world surrounding you.
  • Read more, lets break the stigma that reading is something that people should be ashamed of or that it makes them more fun as I’ll happily spend a weekend on going out and then the next curled up in my bed with a book.
  • Be supportive to your friends. If one of your friends makes music, listen to it and share it on you social media same goes to writing or doing make up looks etc. Or if you have a chance to see them preform or showcase their work then go as it will mean the world to them!





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