The greatest outfits of London Fashion Week’18

The greatest outfits of London Fashion Week’18

Before I took interest in fashion; London Fashion Week seemed totally crazy to me like I would think to myself ‘do these people actually know anything about fashion’ and I was totally convinced that me turning up in a pair of jeans and a top would be a much better choice and I’m sure there are lots of people out there who still think that. It actually took me a long time and many fashion magazines, blogs and books later to actually realise what is it about; that if you want to stand out during London fashion week or any fashion event in fact you can’t turn up in jeans and a nice top. Many people still think it’s a totally crazy and pointless event and you won’t understand it unless you’re passionate about something, LFW and all other fashion weeks that took and will be taking place all over the world in the next couple of weeks is a celebration of art, cultural and creativity. It’s all about taking a trend and going way over the top with it because why the hell not?! When designers showcase their work on the catwalk it’s for people to take inspiration from not take the outfits literally! Anyway I did some research for you guys and found some of the best outfits of LFW, seriously I’m dying over some of these I especially love the long trench coats and big wooly jumpers especially with turtlenecks and in nude or brown! Which one is your favourite?


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Source of pictures:

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