Liquid lipsticks – hit or miss?

Liquid lipsticks – hit or miss?

I love liquid lipsticks but before I got my first one I had a hard time choosing which brand to go for because there’s so many brands out there offering a variety of choices. To make the choice easier for you I have tested out a few brands and will tell you my thoughts about NYX Cosmetics,Kylie Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Let’s start with the one that is the best value for money aka NYX Lingerie; for only £6.50 you get an amazing liquid lipstick which doesn’t dry your lips and has an amazing formula nevertheless the con I personally experienced with it was that it dries off quite quickly especially if you’re eating and drinking you’re gonna experience that you need to reapply it every hour or so which can be a nuisance if you’re out somewhere. Furthermore the lingerie collection only consists of 12 shades, there is always the soft matte ones but to be honest I’m not a fan of those colours so I hope more colours of the Lingerie range become available in the UK soon! My verdict for that price is definitely a HIT.

Next up Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks on which there is a lot of mixed opinions online. I personally love them and have nearly used up the two shades that I have which are Maliboo and Candy K which are the perfect shades of nude (Candy K is more of a pinkey nude). They smell lovely like a vanilla milkshake. The formula doesn’t dry your lips out and it stays on well but there is a big con especially for buyers from outside of the US as the price can be more than a little off putting when you consider the price of the product, the shipping and the custom charges. I am not sure if I would repurchase those again so this one will unfortunately have to be a MISS until Kylie starts stocking her products in the UK!

For anyone that knows me, knows that I am a big fan of Anastasia products and probably all of her products are on my wish list well maybe except for the liquid lipsticks yep you read it right. This liquid lipstick was a product I was really looking forward to using but to my disappointment, maybe my expectations were too high? The shade that I got was way too dark for me and my lips felt really dry straight away and topping it up was a big mistake as it made it start peeling off – not a nice look trust me. I really hope that they have improved their formula on the latest range of the liquid lipsticks that have come out. Sorry Anastasia but this one will have to be a MISS.

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