Why should you never give up

Why should you never give up

This post is going to be personal to me but I’m always honest with my readers because there’s no point pretending that I live a glamours blogger life or that I never felt like giving up, as one of the reasons why I started my blog was to encourage people to strive to live their best life and not give up on their dreams as everything is possible.

I know that you’ve probably heard many times before from people ‘oh don’t give up, it gets better’ but let’s face it when you’re down and the person who’s saying it life seems perfect and it can be hard to believe that they understand and I know this because I’ve been there, I used to think ‘what do you know your life is great’ and I didn’t really consider that maybe it wasn’t always great and they had to go through a lot to be where they are today. When we see successful people we forget that they are just like anyone else and that most of the time they started with nothing and the fact that they are successful is purely just because they didn’t give up no matter how hard life got, no matter how many times they failed they picked themselves up and tried again and the struggles they experienced got them to where they are today.

I remember a situation from last year when I was sitting at the bus stop after my shift at a job I didn’t like at 10pm, it was cold, it was dark, my phone was broken, my handbag was broken and I was broke. I felt like literally everyone in the world was doing better than me at that moment, I felt like things will never get better and that this is no way to live. To summarise I felt a lot of negative emotions and I was far from loving myself. I know that this might sound like a cliche but without experiencing that I certainly wouldn’t appreciate my current life situation like I do now. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, like for example if you don’t get a job you want it’s because there’s a better one waiting for you and it most cases it my life this came true. Each job that I had gave me experience and brought me closer to my dream job as there’s never a job that you can’t take anything from even if you think it’s the worst job in the worst. So if you’re right now at a job you hate or you think that nothing will ever change in your life then I’m sorry but you are wrong, and if you don’t know what you want to do in life yet then don’t worry you will figure it out. But remember don’t ever settle for a job you’re not passionate about, don’t ever stick around doing something you don’t believe in. Just do your thing and one day people will understand, as I was discouraged most of my life from doing what I want to do for various of reasons by various of people especially people close to me, but sometimes you just need to listen to your gut instead of listening to others as at the end of the day no one will live your life for you so do what you believe in even if no one else does.


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