#1: The truth behind blogging and being true to myself

#1: The truth behind blogging and being true to myself

The truth is I haven’t been enjoying blogging for some time now…

It felt forced and not like me, the reason why? A few months ago I decided that I want to be a proper blogger, like the one with the perfect feed, instagraming brunches and talking about my favourite makeup but honestly, that’s not me without offending anyone, of course, it felt kind of shallow as I’ve always aspired to be a writer or someone who makes a change in the world, and for my writing to be taken seriously and then I felt that I can’t be taken seriously if all I write about is fashion or beauty which I know it’s silly but with all the stereotypes and prejustice against bloggers I thought to myself that I don’t want to be just a ‘blogger’. I lost the purpose of why I started my blog in the first place and what I loved about it, I just finished college when I started my blog and I was only 19 and so much has changed since then and I feel like I grew up a lot since then and take an interest in different things now.

Furthermore, it’s very easy to get ‘lost’ in the blogging world and I know a lot of bloggers felt the same way at some point. I started following lots of other bloggers on Twitter, checking out the ‘must have’ bloggers apps for doing insta stories, for editing your pictures, for pitching your ideas to companies, making myself think that I need to have 30 posts scheduled ahead to be a ‘good blogger’ and honestly it was all so overwhelming that I actually stopped enjoying it and didn’t know how to switch off from it all because when I did I felt guilty for not working on new content or on making my blog bigger and better, because I decided to be successful so why am I wasting time?

“Success isn’t the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success.” ― Gautama Buddha

That’s another thing that I noticed in the blogging world as well as the real world within young people, that being successful is their biggest goal in life and that’s great but not when it ruins your mental health, your relationships and the only thing in life you have is work or the desire to be successful. I saw this quote the other day that said: “Success isn’t the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success.” And it’s so true, I can’t stress this enough. All my life I’ve been told by everyone around me that in order to be happy I need to be successful, but it’s not true. In order to be happy, you need to, first of all, be at peace with yourself and what I mean by that is know your self-worth, don’t let anyone bring you down, accept the fact that you might be alone at times in life and that’s okay, once you stop relying your happiness on others the rest will follow.

Nevertheless, I will still occasionally do fashion or beauty posts if I feel like it but my main priority for my blog from now on will be doing a weekly written post, where I will talk about various topics, whatever has been on my mind recently or a current news affair. I am aware that I might lose readers/followers but if you are here for the fashion/beauty side of things there are so many amazing fashion/beauty blogs out there I’m sure you will find one! Hopefully, I will get new readers who are genuinely interested in my writing and what I have to say, but if I don’t that’s okay too because I am doing it for me because I enjoy it. I wish everyone a very happy and successful new month full of blessings!

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