Why should you absolutely see Oceans 8 in cinema (by yourself)

Why should you absolutely see Oceans 8 in cinema (by yourself)

I’ve always been intimidated by the thought of going to the cinema by myself which now seems silly but I didn’t want to seem like a loner or a loser which society makes you think that you are if you do things alone. From a young age kids that eat their lunch alone are the ones that are usually picked on or in movies the teen that does things by themselves is seen as a ‘weirdo’ but as we get older we spend more and more time alone which is normal as people have their own lives and start their own families, and just because you might not have a partner or your friends are busy with their own lives that shouldn’t stop you from doing things which you enjoy and miss out on life. I hope that this blog post will help to break these stereotypes and perceptions of people doing things alone and that this will be a kick in the butt for people to do whatever they want to do even if it means doing it alone!

From a young age, we are made to believe that we need someone to be ‘whole’, I’m sure you’ve heard many times from your aunties and overly interested family members in your love life that you’ll meet your ‘other half’ soon, or even better ‘your better half’. Whereas of course there’s nothing better than meeting someone you have a connection with and you enjoy spending time with, but we shouldn’t bring those down that this hasn’t happened for. A partner in your life should be your cherry on top, not your whole cake. I understand that for some people starting a family is a dream or a goal but that shouldn’t mean that you’re not ‘whole’ when you’re single. The fact that someone’s not in a relationship shouldn’t make them any less of a person, and they should still be able to enjoy all the things that people in relationships do like going out for dinner or movies without being judged, as life is too short to sit around and wait for someone to turn up to do the things you enjoy with.

When being in an relationship it’s so so important to have that balance of being your own person and still having your identity, not just being someone’s girlfriend or wife but having your own dreams, goals and passions because if something goes wrong and you break up then you end up with nothing. I know I’m repeating myself but don’t always compromise what you like for the sake of an relationship, go and see that movie that your partner doesn’t like and go and see that artist that your partner doesn’t listen to and this goes out to females and males. These days there’s this unhealthy mentality that I see a lot on social media saying ‘oh my boyfriends busy so I have nothing to do’ or this if he hasn’t replied within 2 seconds and kicking off about it but anyway this is a post for another day, about how social media affects our relationships.

Going back to the original title of the blog post ‘why should you absolutely see Oceans 8 in cinema’, because it’s a bloody good film is the simple answer but also because we don’t get enough movies portraying women as strong, capable of anything women characters. (Also as a fashion blogger I should probably comment on how bloody amazing all the actresses looked and that their outfits were on point.) In action movies, women usually are just the accessories to the main male character, they’re there to distract him or make him fall in love with her. Leaving the cinema, I felt like I can conquer the world (or write this blog post in my case) which is rare for a film to make me feel like that, which is sad because shouldn’t we want women to feel empowered and like they can do anything? I think part of the empowerment was definitely the fact that I went to the cinema for the first time in my life by myself, and the fact that I was comfortable doing it and I didn’t get intimidated by the couple buying their tickets next to me (ok maybe a little, but it didn’t last for long because later I realised that I don’t have to share my snacks, so who’s the real winner here eh?).

I’ll leave you with this quote from the amazing Maya Angelou, which I think summarizes this post perfectly.



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