My Summer Essentials

My Summer Essentials

I am aware that summer is slowly coming to an end although calendar wise there is still over a month to go until we will swap sandals for boots and summer dresses for jumpers, but summer is definitely my favourite season or at least it has a close tie with spring as nothing beats the feeling when days get longer and it gets warmer outside. I love summer for many reasons, the fact that iced coffees are acceptable to drink at any time any day, getting dressed takes 2 seconds as all you have to do is throw a dress on (cute and practical), as a blogger I also appreciate the longer evenings as I was able to take pictures after work and of course ice cream everyday if possible; to summarise summer is not good for my diet.

Another thing about summer is that my beauty routine changes, in the summer my makeup routine is definitely more toned down compared to autumn and winter and I opt more for a natural glowy look instead of a full face of makeup. Below are a few of the things which are my ‘summer essentials’ so things which I couldn’t go without or use pretty much everyday.


I love being tanned in the summer but I also know that it’s important to use protection from the sun that’s why I go for the; Malibu Tanning Oil which protects my skin as well as helps me tan. On my lips you will usually find me wearing a nude lip gloss as I opt for that over lipstick in the summer, on the picture above it’s a lip gloss from Primark and as everyone knows they don’t have a online shop (why exactly?), but if it’s not this one my other favourite is Benefit Sugarbomb Ultra Plush which is a shimmery pinky nude. On my face I go for the least amount of products possible, my priority is to cover any imperfections and then I use the I Heart Revolution Highlighter in Goddess of Love on my face as well as on my collarbones to give myself a nice glow on my tan. Or alternatively when I want a deeper glow that will blind everyone, I use Iconic London Illuminator Drops in shade Original. Which I’m sure you’ve heard about it as it’s huge on Instagram and all the Love Island girls rave about it!

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