My first Tarte order!

My first Tarte order!

I am very late to the party when it comes Tarte Cosmetics. I meant to try it for some time now as I’ve heard a lot of positive things about their brand and saw a lot of bloggers/influencers using it, but I never got round to it until now. When I was on the lookout for a new mascara I came across Tarte Maneater review from a different blogger who said that she has purchased this mascara 3 times already because she’s so happy with it so I decided to give it a go as I haven’t found the perfect mascara yet. I wouldn’t be me though if I would only purchase what I intended to and I ended up going for a bronzer and a setting mist as well as the mascara.

Now the question is, has the Tarte Maneater mascara lived up to my expectations? I would probably say yes and no, yes because it definitely gives the best length and volume than any other mascara I have ever tried. But unfortunately taking it off is a nightmare. I usually have to use two wipes to remove it and then even after washing my face I have black smudges underneath my eyes.  When I use this one up, the next one I will try will be probably the lights, camera, lashes as I’ve heard a lot of positive opinions about it and hopefully that one will be a bit easier to take off. Also if you’re looking for a bit less pricey mascara then I would recommend Max Factor Masterpiece or 2000 Calorie, they’re hands down the best drugstore mascaras.



This is probably my favourite product out of the order, I mean just look at this beautiful packaging!! I use this nearly every day, and I’ve barely used any of the product because a small amount is enough to give you a beautiful bronze look. I will definitely purchase my bronzers in the future from Tarte, furthermore Tarte Cosmetics is vegan and cruelty free what more could you want?!


The last product that I’m going to talk about is this 4 in 1 setting spray which as they claim is a ‘multipurpose setting spray that primes, sets, hydrates, & refreshes skin while locking down makeup for 12 hours & smoothing the look of fine lines & wrinkles’. At this point I have used up the whole bottle and except of smelling lovely, I don’t think it really does much else? It might make my skin less oily, but overall I’m pretty disappointed with this product and when it comes to setting sprays I will definitely stick to Urban Decay All Nighter.


Like with every brand there always will be a bit of hit and miss, and you’ll like certain products more than others. When purchasing high end makeup it’s definitely important to do your research before hand and read other peoples reviews because if most people think that a certain product isn’t great then chances are that it’s not.

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