Casual Autumn Look


The leather jacket and blue jeans combo is my fave for every season, this outfit is completed by two trends; a velvet bag which is a must have for this season and a layered top which both were bargains. Recently I’ve been lucky with finding bargains and this designer bag was purchased for only £14,99 in Tkmaxx and the top in Zara for £15.99 which for Zara is quite cheap, I don’t make a secret out of the prices because I want to show that you really don’t need a lot of money to dress well! There were a few other alternatives which I was taking into consideration for this outfit; I think that leather pants and black stiletto heels would make an great more elegant alternative or if you like playing around with fashion black jeans, small red leather bag and red stiletto heels would look great.


(jacket Dorothy Perkins top Zara jeans Asos bag Steve Madden shoes Firetrap)

Season Trend: Burgundy


I couldn’t wait to do an outfit like this; this is my go to autumn outfit. For the past few seasons I have been obsessed with burgundy but I always try to keep a balance as you can see in those outfits and I don’t go with more than 3 pieces in the same colour. Like I’ve said before in posts all you need is an ‘base’ for an outfit and my base in this case is the hat, bag and shoes which I can use to style in many different ways. In my opinion in every outfit there is an element to it that makes it ‘whole’ in this case it was the string choker which is beautifully handmade from Niki and you can check this and all her other chokers on her instagram here and if you quote ‘SIMPLYBYLOLA’ you will get one and the other half price! dsc_0027dsc_0034dsc_0016dsc_0002dsc_0057dsc_0067dsc_0065dsc_0041dsc_0083dsc_0116dsc_0045

(hat Urban Outfitters, choker Grad Chokers @instagram, jumper H&M, jeans Mango, shoes Hotter, bag Aldo, jacket Dorothy Perkins)


(hat Urban Outfitters, jacket Dorothy Perkins, top Topshop, skirt New Look, bag Aldo, shoes Hotter)

Why is NYX Cosmetics the new ‘it’ brand!


NYX Cosmetics is every make up obsessed girls dream – high end quality at affordable prices. Even though NYX was founded in 1999 (yep!) by Toni Ko who’s goal was to make a great quality product for everyone to afford; only recently everyone went crazy about NYX as few years back I doubt many people heard about the brand but right now NYX is going like storm with astonishing nearly 9 million followers on Instagram, new product launches often and NYX being available in most Boots shops in the UK now (finally)!

The first product by NYX that I tried was the Soft Matte Lip Cream; I was on a hunt for a liquid lipstick and I stumbled across the soft matte range on Feelunique, and the price of just £5.50 convinced me to try it. When I did try it I was impressed that the formula didn’t make my lips feel dry at all which was my worry about liquid lipsticks; on the downside to keep your lips looking good it needs to be reapplied every 1-2 hours hence why I used it up within two months nevertheless for that price it’s still good quality.

The next thing that I purchased was the gel liner as I always wanted to compare it to a pen liner and to be honest it’s probably my least favourite product out of all of them and my number one eyeliner is still the L’oreal Superliner which makes doing my wing eye super quick and easy.


The eye shadow base which I purchased when I got more into make-up and realised that primer/base is a very important part of the make-up as it will help it last longer and honestly it’s the best. I don’t use any high-end eye shadows so the formula isn’t the best and they’re not very pigmented but nevertheless with this base they stay on all day without smudging or creasing; it’s definitely one of those products that I will be re buying when it’s finished.


Next up is my favourite liquid lipstick; NYX Lingerie in Push Up is the most perfect nude shade ever that I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of and I’m trying to get my hands on the rest of the Lingerie collection as I personally found the formula of it even better than Soft Matte and it definitely stays on longer but Soft Matte has the advantage of being part of a wider range of shades to choose from.

The last few products I’ve brought on my lunch break (oops) in the newly opened Boots concession next to me. The product I was most curious to try was the Tame and Frame brow pomade to see how it compares to the Anastasia Beverly Hills one which I currently use and to be honest I would say it’s a great dupe for it if you don’t want to spend £15; the ABH dipbrow pomade in medium brown is the exact same shade as the NYX expresso one as when I used one on one side and one on the other you wouldn’t tell the difference between them. The only downside of the NYX one is that you need to use more product to get the same effect as you would with ABH when using less product. I started the testing the finishing powder by dropping it.. twice! So when I finally got round using it, I was a bit disappointed with this product as I don’t think it made any difference to the final look of my make up and the same goes to the matte blotting paper. They’re very thin so you have to use lots compared to some other ones I’ve used from a different brand which were thicker and one or two were enough.



This is only a very small part of the NYX Cosmetics range but if you’ve never tried any of their products I hope it helps you decide whether you want to try some products to summarise it’s a bit of a hit and miss with the products as some are better than others but now you know which ones are worth buying according to me!

I hope you enjoyed it and if you did make sure to also check out 5 high end beauty products;are they worth buying or not?

Stylist Live Event


This was my first time attending Stylist live and to be honest I didn’t expect much, just some talks and a free glass of drink but to my surprise it was so much more than that! Straight away I got excited from the moment I saw the glittery sign outside which was definitely eye catching and instagram shot worthy.  I’ve made the mistake of only going to the hours that I’ve had booked but there is so much to see and do that you should definitely go as early as possible and if there are free spaces for talks you can just walk into them. Between the four days that it is on for, there are so many different talks available so even if  you’re not a fashion or beauty enthusiast I’m sure you would find something for yourself. Even though the talks were light-hearted  there was some serious girl-power going on which I loved; women supporting each other and admiring each others work is rare these days. I think it’s important to create opportunities like this for women to learn from each other and give each other advice on how to make it in this male dominated world. Furthermore there were jewellery, food, lingerie, make-up and other stalls which offered special discounts and if that didn’t convince you enough, let me add that there was a champagne bar as well.

I had the pleasure of listening to a talk by Shirley Eniang who runs a blog Shirley’s Wardrobe  since 2008 and Susie Lau Style Bubble which funnily enough was Shirely’s inspiration for starting her blog and now she was giving a talk with her so not only it shows to never give up because everything is possible but also it reminds me of the quote; work until your idols become rivals. Although their blogs and styles are very different they both share something in common; they were doing something they love and they got recognised for it and turned it into businesses and careers but it didn’t happen overnight or even within a few months, it took years of hard work and dedication for them to be where they are today. What I loved about both of those ladies was how they stayed down to earth and humble even though Susie has the most successful and widely recognised blog of that type and Shirley has nearly half a million instagram followers but that’s probably partly why they got so successful by staying themselves no matter what. Furthermore later on I listened to a talk by a lovely and bubbly lady Caroline Watson who’s a celebrity stylist and a business woman and she shared some tips and advice on seven ways to grow your business through instagram which is useful when you have a business or even if you’re doing anything freelance as then you’re selling yourself and instagram is a great way of showing your vision and encouraging people to want to work with you. At the end Caroline added that if you have a vision just keep going and follow your dreams as she recently launched a bag brand and she worked on everything by herself and not even her husbands sceptic view stopped her as she said don’t let anyone stop you, not even your man, or especially not your man.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to Stylist’s newsletter here to know when the early bird tickets go for sale which are cheaper than buying them later. See you next year Stylist!

Fashion tips


Tired of spending hours in front of your wardrobe not knowing what to wear? Dressing well without putting too much effort into it is a skill like any other which also means that it can be learned! Hopefully my tips that I’ve put together for you will make it easier for you!

  • Look for inspiration! One of the purposes why I have this blog is to inspire people and show them how to style certain things which can sometimes be tricky to style, which is probably the case for many fashion blogs. So look for inspiration online for example Instagram is a great source for inspiration, in magazines, on celebrities and I myself often find inspiration just looking round shops!
  • Basics are important! Everyone should have a white t-shirt, black t-shirt, black jeans and white jeans in their wardrobe as they’re a great foundation for lots of outfits, and even I have days where I don’t know what to wear and that’s when I go back to the basics! It’s so easy to put an outfit together with an white t-shirt, black jeans, some silver jewellery, black leather jacket and some trainers or black biker boots and to make it more of an fashion magazine worthy outfit you can always chuck in some cool accessories like an chunky necklace, an statement bag (you can read more about what I mean when I say statement bags here) or use an bandanna as a scarf ! Also another great alternative when you don’t know what to wear are stripes; stripes are always a good idea.
  • Don’t clash colours! Personally I don’t really go for colourful clothes, I mostly wear black, white,grey, navy or pastel colours but when I do go for a colourful piece of clothing I make sure to pair it up with something more toned down like for example a flowery top with a navy pair of shorts furthermore there are colours which pair up with each other nicely like navy and red or yellow, grey and dust pink or burgundy and mustard yellow.
  • Don’t be scared to try the latest trends! Don’t feel pressured into wearing the latest trends but also don’t be scared to try them as in every seasons trends there will be something for you.
  • Annnd if after reading this post you still feel a bit clueless about how to style certain things or just want some advice in general feel more than welcome to message me!

Khaki Bomber Jacket

Yes I know that everyone’s wearing bomber jackets right now, I even saw a miniature version of a jacket like this in River Island which was beyond adorable!  The next one on my wishlist is a nude/rose gold one (there are some amazing ones on Missguided) which I already know with what I will style with. Going back to the khaki bomber jacket I thought that I’ll tone down the sporty look with a mini skirt. Furthermore recently I’ve been wearing this cap with everything from jeans to skirts and dresses and it probably makes the outfit and also it’s a great rescue for a bad hair day and it takes a lot of determination not to wear it with everything, without it it would feel as if something is missing. Another important feature of the outfit are the shoes; Adidas Superstars have been my favourite trainers ever since I got my first pair last year, they’re one of the comfiest trainers I’ve owned and they go with everything and that’s coming from a person that doesn’t usually wear trainers. You can use this outfit as a base as there are many alternatives of things that you could change for example for a more elegant look you could swap the mini skirt for a midi skirt and the trainers for some barely there heels.


(cap – h&m top – urban outfitters jacket – zara skirt – miss selfridge shoes – adidas via office)

Zara Outfit

Zara is probably my favourite high-street brand; hence why every time I go there I leave with a new purchase. Personally I think that it’s the most on trend shop out there, with good prices and what I also like is that they change their collections often so there isn’t a high chance of someone wearing the same thing as there is only a small amount of stock of each product. My last purchase was probably this red body which was a bargain found on the summer sales and it can be styled like today with a white tennis skirt, denim jacket and some white trainers or with a black skirt, black trainers and a black leather jacket. Today I went for the first option as it’s more summery and I feel like this might be the last summery outfit that I will have the opportunity to show before I have to swap for chunky jumpers and boots which I’m not to going to lie I’m excited for as I have lots of great autumn outfit ideas but nevertheless by November I’ll probably wish it was summer again.


(body – Zara skirt – Zara jacket – Levis shoes – Adidas)

Know your self worth & GoThinkBig event

Whether it’s about work, friendships or relationships know your self worth, although it mostly applies to friendships and relationships. If someone is making you unhappy, they’re not bringing anything good to your life or you constantly have to ask for their time and attention then they’re not worth your time. Someone who wants to be a part of your life will make the time and effort to see you, call you or message you; no one is too busy to do that and if they are that means you’re very low on their priority list and you should never settle for that. Obviously if your friend or partner have been a part of your life for a long time then it’s not going to be easy, but long term the right decision is to let them go and give yourself a chance to meet new people who will appreciate your presence. Why did I include work at the beginning? Because sometimes at work you can be under valued or you can be not reaching your full potential which is okay for a while but after some time you should make a change. This can be a tricky subject as I know some people are scared to take a risk because they need the financial security, but ask yourself this do you want to work in the place you work doing what you do for the rest of your life? If the answer is no then you have to start working towards changing it as someone has once said if you do what you love, you won’t work a day in your life and it’s true.

At the end of the day you only have yourself and you should be making yourself happy. So concentrate on that, on developing your skills, passions, goals and growing as a person. Most of the time we only forgive people because we want to keep them in our lives, but the truth is most of the time does people are not worth our time.

A few days ago I’ve attended an inspiring and motivating event which in a way inspired me to write this along with the events in my life. The event was held by Gothinkbig, which they organise totally for free and they’re very helpful if you’re trying to get into an industry like media or journalism as it can be difficult to see someone face to face from that industry and be able to talk to them and network. Apart from that you meet other people who want to go into the same industry which you never know when might turn out to be helpful. Especially if you’re not a natural self-motivator this kind of event could be really helpful to you! Check out all the events and opportunities on

Also a little note from me; I am aware that half of the readers come here for the fashion posts and the other half for longer inspiring posts so I’ve decided that on Mondays I will post fashion posts such as outfits and everything fashion related and Thursdays will be more longer posts where I talk about various topics, if you have any in mind that you would like me to talk about then leave a comment or contact me through the contact section.

How to look great on a budget?

Whenever someone says that you need to be rich to be dressed well it makes me want to laugh as that statement can’t be more wrong! There are lots of ways which I’m going to talk about today which can make you have an amazing wardrobe without breaking your account.

  • The first one is pretty obvious but it’s still worth mentioning; sales! Especially online sales when there’s sometimes extra 10 or 15 % off. At the time of summer sales my favourite place to shop is Zara as they literally discount the whole stock and some of the products are over half price, if you missed out on the summer sales there’s nothing to worry about as black Friday is only 3 months away.
  • If you haven’t heard of Vinted then you’re missing out! You see that dress that you’ve only worn once to a party or those shoes that turned out too small but you forgot to return them? Well you could sell those things or swap them with someone! So what are you waiting for? Get the app and start selling and swapping but don’t blame me if you get addicted to it, also the best bit is men are also welcome to use it!
  • If you’re a student or know someone who is, always look out for student discount as sometimes shops do as much as 30% off but they’re usually just limited time only so not to miss any discounts make sure to get the UniDays app! Nevertheless if you’re not a student and you don’t know anyone who is sometimes it’s worth putting your items into the basket and going through to the point where you type your e-mail in and sometimes they send you a 10% off to encourage you to buy these items. You’re welcome.
  • Make sure to sign up to vouchercodes as they offer discount codes to many places like Lipsy, Miss Selfridge, Boohoo, Very and many more popular brands!
  • Magazines such as Grazia sometimes offer special discounts for high street brands like River Island for example.
  • Every season there’s going to be new trends but there’s no point just blindly getting everything, always check what you will wear that item with before buying it. Especially if it’s a more expensive buy like shoes or a jacket, make sure that it will go with many things before deciding to buy it.
  • DIY – this can take a bit more effort but before you want to throw something out make sure if there isn’t any way in which you could recycle that item for example if you have an old pair of jeans you can always make a pair of shorts from them or do some cut outs in your old t-shirt, not only you will save money but it will also give you a feeling of satisfaction!
  • Sometimes you don’t need to buy a whole new outfit; sometimes buying some new accessorises is enough to give you that new outfit feeling for example a fedora hat, a bandanna used as a scarf or a statement necklace.
  • It’s also always worth having a look in your local Tkmaxx as sometimes they stock designer things much much cheaper than the rrp price of them.

I hope that you enjoyed reading it and that the advice is helpful; if you have any of your own tricks of how to look great on a budget feel free to share them in the comment section!