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    • What’s on my ASOS wish list?

      What’s on my ASOS wish list?
    • 16 things you can do to get yourself into the Christmas spirit

      16 things you can do to get yourself into the Christmas spirit
    • The Winter Jacket Guide

      The Winter Jacket Guide
    • My first Tarte order!

      My first Tarte order!
    • My Summer Essentials

      My Summer Essentials


    Exactly 2 years ago I got the courage to do something I wanted to do for ages. I had the idea of blogging for ages but back then it wasn’t as popular as it is now so I was scared of people’s reactions and judgements and the thought of people I know reading my blog…

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    #1: The truth behind blogging and being true to myself

    The truth is I haven’t been enjoying blogging for some time now… It felt forced and not like me, the reason why? A few months ago I decided that I want to be a proper blogger, like the one with the perfect feed, instagraming brunches and talking about my favourite makeup but honestly, that’s not…

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    My First Bloggers Event!

    What a week! This is why I like writing on Sundays because I feel like it’s the summary post of the week and I always feel like I have lots to write about from the week. First of all I’ve passed my driving theory on Thursday (hence why there was no post on Wednesday; because…

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    Why should you never give up

    This post is going to be personal to me but I’m always honest with my readers because there’s no point pretending that I live a glamours blogger life or that I never felt like giving up, as one of the reasons why I started my blog was to encourage people to strive to live their…

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    Season Trend: Suede Jacket

    This season’s must have is a suede jacket, you can see it on all celebrities and bloggers! I went for a grey one from Zara because I’m currently obsessing over the grey and pastel pink combination, although for this outfit I went with grey and white as I feel it’s the perfect spring combination and…

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    Liquid lipsticks – hit or miss?

    I love liquid lipsticks but before I got my first one I had a hard time choosing which brand to go for because there’s so many brands out there offering a variety of choices. To make the choice easier for you I have tested out a few brands and will tell you my thoughts about…

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    What you need to know before starting a YouTube channel

    YouTube the same as blogging takes a lot more than you think; it takes a lot of passion and consistency to make a success out of it. More and more people are interested in becoming a YouTuber but what does it actually mean and where do you start with it? It can be scary and…

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