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    • What’s on my ASOS wish list?

      What’s on my ASOS wish list?
    • 16 things you can do to get yourself into the Christmas spirit

      16 things you can do to get yourself into the Christmas spirit
    • The Winter Jacket Guide

      The Winter Jacket Guide
    • My first Tarte order!

      My first Tarte order!
    • My Summer Essentials

      My Summer Essentials

    OOTD: The one with the knee high boots

    I hope that everyone is having a lovely Sunday! I had planned to take some spring outfit pictures until it snowed, is anyone else done with snow and just wants the warm summer evenings? Anyway I didn’t let that ruin my plans and I took the opportunity to do a post about knee high boots…

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    The greatest outfits of London Fashion Week’18

    Before I took interest in fashion; London Fashion Week seemed totally crazy to me like I would think to myself ‘do these people actually know anything about fashion’ and I was totally convinced that me turning up in a pair of jeans and a top would be a much better choice and I’m sure there…

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    How to make this year the best one yet

    Same old story every year eh, you make plans to make this year different, to make this year count and to finally quit the job you hate? But then when it gets to mid January you forget about it all very quickly the same as you forgot about your diet. But it doesn’t have to…

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    How to spot a fake vs real Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade?

      Don’t we all love a bargain? But sometimes we need to be careful when we find a bargain and that’s when it comes to buying make-up, as cheap make-up can mean fake make-up! I’ve purchased this dip brow pomade from a second hand website and although it was advised as genuine and on the…

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    How to save money better?

    How to save money is the question that we ask ourselves a lot and the obvious answer is don’t spend money but what if spending money is inevitable like for example for grocery shopping? Then I’ve got a few tips for you that actually work as I’ve tested them out myself. There are a lot…

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    Let’s talk: Acne and self-love advice

    I’ve ‘suffered’ with acne ever since I remember and I’ve put suffered in quote marks because I feel bad for using it in this context as I know that there are people seriously suffering in the world but nevertheless I’ve experienced it first hand and I know how much impact it can have on your…

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    How I went vegetarian and why I don’t regret it

    This is not going to be a guide or saying what is right or wrong but I thought that it would be a good idea to put together a post with answers for the most popular questions I get asked about going vegetarian. To summarise the last few months have been challenging but at the…

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